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We are a small team of highly qualified IT professionals. The company have been established in the UK in 2004 and successfully operating since then. Our team members hold a broad experience in various IT technologies. We provide service in design, architecture and application development to systems integration and administration. In course of our business development we have successfully participated in a large number of projects. We have helped our clients to achieve their goals within shortest possible terms, delivering high quality enterprise level solutions and services. Our team members are not only technical people but also well developed personalities who can always create a positive working atmosphere within a team take ownership and responsibility for delivery. We are also very happy to share our exclusive knowledge with other team members in a warm friendly manner.


Extractaflow for the Automic Automation Engine is a fantastic utility that provides discovery and graphical visualisation of object definitions and dependencies. Extractaflow provides a number of features which allow you document and learn complex implementations. Extractaflow can quickly establish connections between jobs and workflows and represent them as an easy to read diagram. Extractaflow can expand a workflow and all the nested workflows recursively to a defined level of expansion, giving a full picture of the end to end execution stack from the very first workflow to the last job. More information

Jolie - the deployment automation tool

Jolie is a deployment automation tool designed and developed with a great usability in DNA. The system was originally designed for teams within software groups who wanted to perform reliable and consistent deployments across multiple environments with minimum effort from team members. Therefore the system provides easy configuration and deployment routines via web interface.
Later the system was extended with CLI interface to expose functionality for scripting and operations via means better suitable for system administrators and developers. That exposure dramatically increased flexibility of the system and won popularity within "techie" side of the teams.

We have a good relationship with our clients,
whom are:

  • John Wiley and Sons
  • Lastminute.com
  • Credit Suisse
  • Nomura

Our priceless partners

We have a successful, longterm partnership with Forest Technologies LLP. Our partnership extends our service and technological capabilities beyond any imaginable limits. Within partnership we can provide services to large organisations. We can deliver enterprise wide solutions. The list of integration and automation solutions impressive. They are the top market, reputable software companies such as BMC, HP, UC4 and many others.

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E-mail: info@timalika.co.uk